Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Writer Appears!

I'm pretty awful at introductions but I will give this one my best. I am Lane. (I was mentioned in an earlier post) Now I wouldn't say I am the best actor in my school but I guess I have a fair amount of experience, mainly in community theater. I, of course, have interests and hobbies outside of theater.

Science Fiction is my big thing. Books, movies, games, I can't get enough of it. I also like painting miniatures. This goes hand in hand with science fiction. I have been singing as a hobby for nine years. That has helped me a lot in theater. Mainly musicals.

Video games are a pretty big passion of mine along with writing. Mind you, most of my writing is much different to what I am doing now, blogging has never really been my thing. I figure it will be a good learning experience, and it should be fun too.

That should be enough for an introduction. I'm really glad that Erin decided to let me become a contributor for this blog. I will do my best! I look forward to my next post.


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  1. Thank youuuu Lane for finally getting this up!